Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm blogging again!

Wow, this has been the longest amount of time I have gone without writing in my blog. I think it has been about six months! There is just too much that has gone on in the past six months to write it all out, so a brief update will have to do.
The beginning of the year didn’t start out too well. Ron hurt his back, we had to reschedule our Cancun trip, Ron’s Grandmother passed away (she lived a wonderful, healthy 95 years!), I battled horrible allergies and finally on our rescheduled trip to Cancun, Ron, caught some sort of nasty virus or parasite or what the hell was that thing?!?!….We still don’t have official word, but after four doctors, two trips to the ER and Ron being poked and evaluated many, many times, the infectious disease doc came to the conclusion that it was most likely enterovirus. He thinks he most likely had something else as well and at one point we were told that Ron had giardia (ahhh a parasite with eyes and it smiles!) Whatever made Ron sick, it lasted a long seven weeks! L  He’s still only about 90% and slowly gaining back the 14 pounds he lost during this whole ordeal.  So, needless to say, it has been a pretty stressful few months!
We did have a nice time in Cancun before Ron got sick. This picture was one of our favorites we picked out from a photo shoot we did with the resort photographer.
The last time I wrote, I was contemplating running the Rock n Roll marathon in March. Well, that didn’t happen because my dad and I did not have the time or motivation through the winter to put in the many miles needed to run a marathon. My dad still came out to DC to visit and we did the half together. I also got to spend a little over a week in Iowa the end of May to spend time with my family and good friends.

Fun ride in Iowa!

In April, the DC Tri Snapple Team went to the Lost River Barn in West VA for some amazing riding around the mountains. We all got our new cycling kits and I have to say, I really like the colors and the way they turned out! The weekend was full of some great training and delicious group meals. It’s so fun to be able to bond with everyone on these training weekend!

Snapple Girls at camp

 Just a few weeks ago, I rode a century for Tour de Cure for Diabetes. I do this ride every year and I am always thrilled to be able to ride for such a great cause! Everyone out there was riding for a reason and promoting a healthy lifestyle to prevent the onset of diabetes. Good stuff!
Ron got to do the 20 mile ride and this was his first ride since being sick!
The past several months I have started to focus on changing my diet to help me with my allergies and sleep patterns. I have been meeting with a holistic doctor who has helped me with this journey. I have also started to take Pilates with Michele Landry at her new studio Athlete Studio.   Coupled with my weekly visits to Capitol Rehab, I believe my body will stay strong through my Ironman training this year. I want to dedicate a separate blog post for each of these and hope that some of the information I start to post about will help others and/or maybe spark some interest in what these life style changes are all about.
One more thing….I finally have my first race in Williamsburg, VA next weekend. It will be my first test to see where I am at with all the training I have been doing.  I just really hope that it is not crazy hot because I already know my body is not adapted to training/racing in the heat and humidity yet. We shall see!  

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