Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer is coming to a close

Well, it is now the end of August and I have two races left for the season. I've gone through many up's and down's this season and I FINALLY feel like my body is cooperating and responding well to training. Plus...I'm enjoying it again! I realized that I didn't link to my Buffalo Springs race report. If you're interesting in reading it can be found here on the DC Tri Snapple Team blog page. Here are a few pics from the race.

Hot 90 some degrees the day before the race!

I had a post race pic of my mom and I but she didn't like the pic so I better not post. ;)
July was a very busy month! At the beginning of the month, one of my best friends from Iowa, Marci Burns, visited. We've known each other since 1st grade! It was so wonderful to spend some quality time together and show her what its like to live in the 'big city'. Plus, she had some big news....she's pregnant! I'm so happy for you Marci!!
Marci and I on a boat ride in VA
The following weekend, Ron's sister, Kym, got married and we were both in the wedding party. It was such a beautiful wedding/reception and we had a blast! Here's a pic of us all dressed up. A nice change from lycra ha!  We also had our IAFF work Convention that week following the wedding in Philly. It gave us a chance to check out some different restaurants in the area. We also found a hole-in-the-wall  karoke bar and sang a few tunes. They said they had never seen their bar that lively on a Sunday before. Everyone was having a blast dancing and singing with us! A Michael Jackson impersonater even showed up!
At the beginning of August, Ron and I did the Bike to Beach for Autism fundraiser ride. This was a 108 mile ride that left from Washington, DC at 5:00 am on a Friday and ended in Dewey Beach, DE. We biked to Annapolis first, got bussed over the Bay Bridge and then dropped off on the other side of the bridge to continue the 75 miles left of the ride to the beach. Like last year, it was a very hot day! Right before we hit mile 90, Ron got a cramp in his leg. He ended up riding the last 10 or so miles using mainly one leg. Guess those one legged drills he had us do in his off season cycle class during the winter came in very handy that day! Besides that, we had a fun time. This is a great ride, for a great cause and I highly encourage bike lovers to do it. We hope to do it next year again.
Bike 2 Beach Finish
We stayed at the beach the rest of the weekend and really enjoyed some R&R time. Saturday afternoon was spent on the beach and then a visit to Jimmy's Chicken Shack where we ordered some delicious Watermelon Crushes! Yum! Our favorite live acustic singer, Jefe, was singing that day. He even let me sing part of a song with him! If you are wondering how we got back to DC, well that's a good we did not ride! We took a bus and then picked our bikes up the next day in a secure location. Bike 2 Beach folks hands down have one of the most organized events around!

This past weekend I decided to do the Reston Century. I've had motivation issues with getting up and riding on weekends so knew if I signed up for this, I'd actually get my ass out of bed! It was a very hilly ride and it rained off and on the whole time. I knew that I didn't need to get a full century in and that it would probably hurt me more than help me for my upcoming race, Poconos 70.3. So, I tried to cut some off where I could. I ended up cutting off 18 miles, and got in 90 still. My legs were very happy to see the finish! (The full ride was actually 108 miles. For some reason all centuries are 100+ these days!)
Coming up is Labor Day weekend. I'm heading home to Iowa to visit my parents, some friends and race in the Hy Vee Triathlon! Since the DC Triathlon was canceled, I did not get the chance to try to requalify for the 5150 Championship race (can't use last years time unfortunately), but they still have a regular AG race I'll race in. My dad let me know today that he was asked to do the bike portion on a relay team so he will also get to participate. I'm looking forward to the fun weekend! Race report will follow!

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