Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Happenings


I’ve been a slacker with my blog posts! Since my last blog, I have gone through some motivation transitions. Ironman Louisville is just over 15 weeks away and I now realize, in order to do well and achieve my goals, I need to get my butt in gear and stop skipping bike and swim workouts! My coach, Mackenzie, let me know it’s time to get more time in the saddle and if I want to see improvements in my swim, I need to get all my swims in! I agree and sometimes just need a little kick in the butt to get to the pool. I’m really looking forward to the pool opening at Hains Point and am hoping to join the masters swim team that meets there a few times a week. I think swimming outside in a 50 meter pool, with a masters team, will be just the motivation I need.
Over the last few weeks there has been a lot going on as usual. My mom visited in April and she finally got to see the Cherry Blossoms for the first time. I forgot to post pictures in my last blog. Here is a picture we captured by the Tidal Basin. Ron’s parents also visited and we all took a DC Harbor cruise and got to see some of the DC historical sites from the water.

  The second week in April I purchased a new 2011 Hyundai Tucson! Ron struck a great deal with the car salesman and we were out of the dealership in an hour and a half! We had looked for this specific type of suv a year ago when they changed the look of the Tucson. So, when this popped up I jumped on it. It was a little sad to say goodbye to my Saturn. My Saturn was a graduation gift from my dad back in 2000. That car has literally gotten me across the country......from Iowa to DC, from DC to San Diego and back to DC! When I moved out to DC I even had a 4x4 Uhaul attached to the back. That car had been through a lot!

My new Tucson and tri mobile!

My dad visited from Iowa the last weekend in April and did the Philly Broad Street 10 mile race with Ron and I. I ran the whole race with my dad and we had a great time! His athletic abilities always amaze me. We did some site seeing and took my dad to the “Rocky Steps” in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art where Rocky Balboa ran up for his training in his movie. My dad loves that scene from Rocky and we captured a video and a few pictures of him reenacting the scene from the movie.  After the race, we had a delicious meal at Ron’s parent’s house. You never go hungry at the Benedicts!
My dad on the Rocky Stairs.

Last weekend was the 2nd annual High Cloud Peasantman triathlon held at Lake Anna State Park, which happens to be the same location as my first triathlon of the season this coming Saturday, Kinetic half. It was a perfect weekend for training and volunteering! The event was a huge success! Both sprint and Olympic distances were offered. Many participants from the DC Triathlon New Triathlete Program took part in the event. This was a training day with a BBQ celebration after.  It provided a social training atmosphere as opposed to a competitive one. The perfect environment for new triathletes to put into place what they have learned over the past few months and get a feel of what a triathlon really is all about. Don’t worry, seasoned athletes were also welcomed, and got in a good tune-up/training day for the race season. My duties for the day were to help out in transition and be one of the course marshals for the bike and run points.  I also got to sing the National Anthem. I have now experienced what it is like to be on the other side of racing and see just how much goes into putting it all together. Tuan, Becky, High Cloud founders Adriana and Matt, and everyone else on the volunteer committee did such a wonderful job putting this race together. It’s true, there is not a race without the volunteers and I’m so happy to be able to give back to the triathlon community. 

 I also got to spend some time with my friend and mentee from the New Triathlete Program, Sharon. With my crazy schedule it has been hard to meet up so it was nice to hang out with her a bit before her first triathlon and open water swim! Here she is getting ready to head into the water. Go Sharon!

Next up on Saturday, Kinetic half distance triathlon. This is not an ‘A’ race for me so didn’t taper, but I am going to try to do the best I can on non-tapered legs. I will be sporting High Cloud colors since this is one of High Cloud’s Dream Team races. There will be High Cloud green and DC Tri red and blue all over the course! After the race, I will be celebrating my 33rd birthday with great friends back in Arlington. Only a year and a half left in this age group. Yikes!

High Cloud Peasantman Finish Line

Ron grilling after the race.
Oh and I can't forget to post a picture of our new Dogwood tree I mentioned in my last has bloomed and a wonderful addition to our new patio!

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