Thursday, March 3, 2011

High Cloud Spinathon a Success

Last Sunday was the first annual High Cloud Spinathon. It was a huge success! Over $1000 was raised and proceeds will go to one of the High Cloud Foundation programs. Participants could chose to spin one, two or all three hours. Over half of the participants registered chose to tough out all three hours! Those who signed up for all three hours received a cute High Cloud towel. All participants were given High Cloud water bottles, Accelerade drink and gels, Pirate’s Booty, Luna bars and other snacks from Whole Foods. Each hour long class had a theme and was taught by Dream Team Members, Ron Benedict ( my lovely boyfriend), Jen Knickerbocker and me. The first hour Ron rocked it out with a Rock n Roll theme. And, yes he did actually rap a little bit of the Eminem song, ‘Love the Way you Lie’.

The second and third hours were 80’s and pop themes respectively. High Cloud Dream Team members volunteered and provided motivation through the entire spinathon. There was dancing, singing, laughing and cheering throughout the entire three hours to keep everyone’s spirits high. Dream Team members, Mark and Ron, busted out some Michael Jackson moves, and Hillary performed some head bopping moves for a little entertainment during my pop themed class. Hillary actually strained her neck a bit from bobbing it up and down too hard. Hope it doesn’t affect your swimming Hil!

Gift cards were raffled off from Dick’s Sporting Goods, Under Armour, and Best Buy. Each hour during a recovery portion of the workout, participants were asked a question about High Cloud. The person with the correct answer won. A few of the questions asked were: 1) How many programs does High Cloud have? Five – nutrition, knowledge, sports, environment and micro finance. 2) How many children does High Cloud reach and in how many countries? Over 3,000 in 10 countries including – Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Haiti, Kenya, Bethlehem in the Middle East, Macedonia, India and the U.S. We wanted to make sure that we incorporated as much about High Cloud as we could during the spinathon and remind everyone that they were there working hard for the High Cloud children!

In over ten years of teaching spin class, I have to say this by far was the most fun I have ever had teaching! And, definitely the most rewarding! Not only did I get to help coordinate the event and instruct an awesome group of endurance athletes, but I got to ride for a purpose, to help the children of High Cloud! High Cloud Founders, Matt and Adriana Anderson, are letting Ron and I put the money raised from the spinathon towards a High Cloud program of our choice since we helped organize the event. I will be blogging soon about the project we choose and how it is coming along! So amazing!

We had several participants ask if we will do this again and the answer is YES! We may even do another one later this year....Stay tuned!

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